I am a Quaker raised in a family where simplicity, durability
and respect for the environment were highly valued while
fashion and trends were not.

My blades are constructed from high quality carbon style and
my knife handles are made “from scratch” starting
with carefully selected blocks of wood.

My goal is to make highly functional knives that are
interesting to look at and frequently used.

My knife designs are often inspired by an “old blade” found in a relative’s kitchen drawer or a Quaker friend’s knife passed down from mother to daughter or father to son.

My Goals as a Knifemaker:  I have no desire to either “mass produce” knives or make highly polished works of art.  What I do strive for is a handcrafted knife that is:

  • intrinsically interesting.
  • as unique in personality and design as the person who owns it.
  • highly functional—and frequently used!

My rustic-style outdoor knives are handcrafted using a 100+ year old
Fisher-Norris anvil and decades old hammer.  The process
leaves a distinct “finger print” on the blade that is a unique feature
of each knife’s personality and design.