6-Piece Quaker Kitchen Knife Set


Save 20% when you purchase a Six-Piece Kitchen Knife Set.  Available with three handle options:  Civil War Era (1850s) Reclaimed Cherry; Early 1900s Reclaimed Walnut; and 100+ Year-old “Wormy” American Chestnut.

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Photo 1) Early 1900s Reclaimed Walnut 6-Piece Quaker Kitchen Knife Set. Photo 2) 100+ Year-old “Wormy” American Chestnut 6-Piece Set.  Photo 3) Civil War Era (1850s) Reclaimed Cherry 6-Piece Set.

Six-Piece Quaker Kitchen Knife Sets.  Each set includes one of the following knives (shown in photos from left to right). Top Row: Quaker Chef’s Knife; Quaker Kitchen Cleaver.  Middle Row:  Quaker Kitchen Knife; Quaker “Easy Grip” Paring Knife. Bottom Row: Quaker Utility Knife; Quaker Paring Knife.

Please Note:  As noted, use coupon code 20HFK24 at check out to receive a 20% discount on your order!  A great deal not-to-be-missed!

  • Mid-1800s Reclaimed Walnut: $960.00 ($799.00 with coupon code 20HFK24)
  • Civil War Era (1850s) Reclaimed Cherry: $960.00 ($799.00 with coupon code 20HFK24)
  • 100+ Year-Old “Wormy” American Chestnut: $1,155.00 (get 20% off with coupon code 20HFK24)

Delivery Schedule:  I craft each of my knives one-at-a-time in my Richmond, Indiana shop.  Given a backlog of on-line orders, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.



100+ Year-Old “Wormy” Chestnut, Civil War Era (1850s) Reclaimed Cherry, Mid 1800s Reclaimed Walnut