Special Edition Drop Point


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Knife Features:  With its  3/16 inch thick blade, this special edition survival-style knife will serve its owner well for many generations to come.  Distinct features include my own design mosaic pins (made in-house) and (for a limited time) a choice of Hedge Apple or Black Palm wood handle.

Blade:  1095 High-Carbon Steel (Forge and Hammered Finish). Each Special Edition Drop Point is handcrafted using a 100+ year old Fisher-Norris anvil and decades old hammer.  The process leaves a distinct “finger print” on the blade that is a unique feature of each knife’s personality and design.

Handle Construction:  All of my handles are full tang in design and handcrafted “from scratch” starting with a single block of wood or beam of timber.  The Special Edition Drop Point is fastened together using a set of mosaic pins (my own design made in-house) and, as a final step, secured with  a 2,000 lb. epoxy resin.

Wood Selection:  Two options are available (for a limited time only).

Hedge Apple:  Often considered a “pest” by folks in our local community, the wood of a Hedge Apple tree is extremely hard, heavy, durable and shrinks or swells very little when compared with other trees.  Because of its inherent water-resistant qualities, it is often used by local farmers for fence posts.  It is also highly prized by bow hunters and craftsmen who make selfbows (a type of long bow). My current supply of aged Hedge Apple wood was given to me by a neighbor which I used to make the Special Edition Drop Point displayed here.

Black Palm:  The wood from a Black Palm tree is best described as “a bundle of small, fibrous straws”.  The wood is extremely durable and hard with the black fibers densely packed together and surrounded by lighter colored less dense material.  Unlike most species, no growth rings are visible in the wood.

The densest of all palm species in the world, unique color patterns and contrasting black with rich golden brown colors make for a very unique knife handle!

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Handcrafted Mosaic Pins


Black Palm, Hedge Apple