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  • Engraving


    Have your knives engraved with up to 25 characters for $20 per knife.

  • Fisherman’s Friend


    I designed this small outdoor knife around memories of my childhood when many afternoons were spent “whittling” small sticks in our backyard or fishing with boyhood friends for “blue gill” in a local pond.  In my mind’s eye the Fisherman’s Friend is “a companion knife”–a blade that brings back memories of years gone by.  (A simple black leather sheath is included with each purchase.)

  • Quaker “Easy Grip” Slicer


    The Quaker Easy Grip Slicer is, for all practical purposes, a hybrid between a paring knife (that has virtually no room for our knuckles!) and a cleaver which is usually designed for much larger jobs.  It is a wonderful addition to anyone’s kitchen but especially those who appreciate the “feel” of a bit larger, ergonomically designed handle.

  • Special Edition Drop Point


    A recent custom order placed by a neighbor just down the road from my shop introduced me to the beautiful, rich-colored  wood of the Hedge Apple tree commonly found in our area of Indiana.  Finding it to be an absolute joy to work with, I decided to offer this same knife for a limited time to others. A key feature of this special edition drop point is a set of my own design, handcrafted mosaic pins.  Each order also includes a 12 inch leather cord and custom-designed sheath handcrafted by Jeremy Taylor, a local leather smith.  (Black Palm also available for a limited time only.)


  • Stump Nose Camp Knife


    Whether on a fishing trip, hiking the Appalachian Trail or working on the family farm, the Stump Nose Camp Knife is the ultimate, multipurpose outdoor knife.  This highly versatile traditional style knife comes with both a custom-made leather sheath (a $60.00 value) specifically designed for the knife’s unique blade and a 12-inch leather cord that adds to its versatility.  There is no other knife quite like it:  a one-of-a-kind gift for anyone who loves the outdoors.

  • Quaker Kitchen Knife


    The inspiration for this knife (and all others in my Quaker Kitchen Knife Series) came in the form of a small “Quaker plain” paring knife shared with me by Jackie Stillwell, a New Hampshire Quaker.  Jackie’s knife–a family heirloom passed down by her mother–has been in daily use by Jackie and her family for over a half-century.   This knife has proved to be one of my wife’s favorites.  Thanks to its durable high-carbon steel blade, it retains a very sharp edge, is highly functional and a joy to use!

  • Quaker Kitchen Cleaver


    This highly versatile kitchen cleaver was inspired by a 100+ year old cleaver shared with me by John Helding, a well-known Quaker friend from Lopez Island, Washington.  This is a beautiful, sturdy and well-made knife whose hammered, 1/8th inch thick high-carbon steel blade makes it an excellent choice for cutting vegetables and meats in the modern-day kitchen.

  • Quaker Paring Knife


    My wife’s Quaker Paring Knife is (as she will attest) the “most valuable knife” in her very active kitchen.  Indeed, she uses it every day–and when preparing virtually all of our home-cooked meals.  While simple in design the Quaker Paring Knife is a real work horse.  The sharpest knife in our very busy kitchen.

  • Lopez Island Drop Point


    The Lopez Island Drop Point is designed to serve as a reliable companion for any activity that will take advantage of its compact size and thick (3/16 inch) blade.  One of my first customers summed up his new knife this way:  “This is a survival knife…….pure and simple.”  The Lopez Island Drop Point makes a wonderful gift for boaters, backpackers, and anyone who loves the great outdoors!  (A handcrafted leather sheath–a $55 value–and 12 inch leather cord is included free with each order.)